Gladstone, QLD,  June 2022
I've had a really good life. Just the normal, rough and tumble of growing up in a family of six boys kind of things and all the negative that might entail. But I've sacrificed my truth, I think, growing up. 
Being the youngest of six boys, there was an expectation that I would play sport, learn how to change tyres on a car and be a mechanic and all of those butch, all those manual manly pursuits and sports. And I totally was not that person. So I think I sacrificed my truth in that I hid myself for a long, long time growing up to try and be that person that would please my father. And that was a big thing, me trying to please dad. It was a massive ask of me growing up and it was something I failed abysmally at. But, you know, that's just who I was. 
At the end of the day, I couldn't fight or hide my true self any longer. And it wasn't until I was almost 30 where I really accepted who I was and the direction I was going and the direction that was planned for me. I'm a great believer in that everything is embedded in your DNA when you are born. Yes, things can be learned or taught by your parents and things like that, but I believe that you are going to be who you are from there. You're wired a certain way when you're born and that never changes. People can try and change it, but at the end of the day, you'll be who you are.
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