Biloela, QLD, February 2024
One of the main sacrifices that Tuvaluans make is probably their families. Most of the opportunities for us in Tuvalu are to get a good job overseas.
We have all experienced climate change since a very young age. But now the older we get, the more serious we realise the situation is. Now our houses are being surrounded by water, even when we live all the way in the middle of Tuvalu. Climate change is really having an impact on our lives. In Tuvalu, the money is not good. Working there, getting paid there, it isn't good.
We came here through an employment scheme called RWM [Regional Workforce Management]. You register your name and the Tuvalu Labor [Office] choose people who will get interviewed by FIB [recruitment agency]. Once you’re selected, the employer sends someone to Tuvalu for interviews and decides who gets the opportunity to come here. The company paid for everything but we have to pay back through our wages. There's no gift. 
Most of us had a job back home, pretty good jobs as well, but coming here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get better pay, a better life, better everything.
We all have a contract for 4 years working at the meatworks, but most will want to stay permanently. We send money home, not because they expect us to, but because without our family, we wouldn’t be here. We try to give back.
We are planning on getting ourselves a car soon and then we'll go sightseeing around here and try to get to the sea. We heard the sea is two hours away. You can get from one end of our island to the other and in less 20 minutes!
Thanks to Leuelu for speaking and translating on behalf of the group.
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