Woorabinda, QLD, February 2024
I set up my banners every Wednesday. Usually I’m outside the shops. I've been doing it for the past 18 years now. It's my way of giving back to the community, because of the life I have experienced when I was a young man.
It makes me feel good when I'm sharing my story with the community, sharing that there is hope and there is a way for us to better ourselves. That's one of the reasons why I do it, to promote our culture. I’m always happy to give some advice, but I mostly talk about the history of Woorabinda, and how Woorabinda was established. I talk about the history and the number of tribal groups that make up this beautiful community. I remind people that we do have an identity, and we do belong somewhere.You don’t walk around like you don’t belong anywhere, because we all belong somewhere. We belong in a nation that has a language, that has its own stories. We shouldn’t lose sight of who we are. I tell them that we belong to nations of warriors and leaders. It’s in our genes to be leaders. I’m a community advisor, one that won’t stay quiet! But I don't trap people with my words, I hug people with my words.
Uncle Wallabi (Wallabi Agwar Kuundabah), is a proud Gunggarri / Manbarra man.
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