Theodore, QLD, March 2021
As an auxiliary fire brigade, we have our normal everyday jobs. It’s not our full time job, and obviously that's why we like to try and get a numbers of firefighters. Little towns like Theodore have struggled over the last few years to get people. Times have changed in country towns, you know.

I use the word commitment, in the same way as sacrifice. You're doing something for the community and all that. I'm also a trained Queensland Ambulance volunteer emergency driver. We’re trained in first aid but we’re not paramedics, obviously. But in small towns like Theodore where they've got a single officer station, you've got to get out in the bush so that the patients can have the best medical treatment from the paramedics.
They'll often stay in the back of the ambulance vehicle and someone like me will drive the vehicle back. Obviously on top of that we’ll assist with lifting patients on the back of stretchers under the direction of the paramedic and crew. I'm a believer that if you do good deeds, life will always come back to help you later on. It's a good deed to be able to help someone in their time of need, whatever their circumstances are.
Why do we do it? Because we care for the community. But I use the word sacrifice because your own stuff can get missed out at times.
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