Gladstone, QLD, March 2021
The sacrifices that you have to make when you are a young fella in this sport called Rugby League, it's the big milestones of not being a child. And some of those are turning 18, 20, 21, you know, around some of your mates who go through a normal life where they can go to work every week and not have to sacrifice those fun things of being a young man who enjoys those parts of their life. You've got to be professional 12 months of the year and, you know, make sacrifices in how you live your life and what you eat. You've got your mates, normal people who can go out to a pub and enjoy themselves where someone like myself couldn't do that. It's a tough industry being in professional sport in general in the world. Especially when you're young and your mind is still forming. And I think in this game, in any sport, once you make a mistake, you're filed as this person for the rest of your life. So it is a tough industry.
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