Gladstone, QLD, February 2021
Sacrifice to me can mean many things. Simply giving up a seat for a pregnant woman on a crowded train is sacrifice. It can be the smallest gesture of courtesy. For me personally, I have always felt it important to give back to the community. I first started volunteering at 14 with a 100 km walk to raise money for a high school cadet unit. 
Upon leaving school I committed myself to the Australian Army due to my huge respect for those who have served and ultimately those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I learned a lot about the sacrifices made by so many in the past from my family. My father served for over 15 years in the army reserve and both my grandfathers served in World War 2. 
My mother’s uncle gave the ultimate sacrifice in WW2. After 4 years’ service myself, I have given back to the community over the years. Due to being diagnosed with cardiomyopathy I was forced onto a disability pension 13 years ago and have since been even more involved with community work with local sports and the arts. I find that by giving back I really receive so much more in return. 
Each sacrifice I make gives me an amazing sense of pride and worth. Each little sacrifice can give so many others joy as well. If we all could sacrifice just a little each day, I absolutely believe the world can be a better place. We don’t all have to put hours of community work in. Simply helping the elderly carry some heavy things. Wishing someone a wonderful day. Giving someone a shoulder to lean on. In our own way, we all make sacrifices.
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